The combination of ancient yogic wisdom and contemporary occupational therapy theory has proven to have huge potential when working with both children and families.


Northern Beaches OT offers a variety of Yoga Programs including:


Yoga for Children


The benefits of yoga are wide reaching, including emotional regulation, relaxation, fitness, flexibility, body schema and self-awareness. Northern Beaches OT developed Yoga for Children to foster self-esteem in children whilst developing social skills, regulation, muscle tone, coordination, motor control, self-monitoring skills, relaxation and resilience. 


Yoga for Children with Additional Needs


On a physical level, Yoga for Children with Additional Needs provides an opportunity for children to develop muscle tone, balance, bilateral coordination, body awareness and motor planning skills. When physical movement is combined with respiration activities, children are given the opportunity to experience true core activation; important for regulation, attention and learning. Yoga provides a rich sensory motor experience for children of all ages. Breath awareness, guided imagery and simple mindfulness exercises are also used to enhance a child’s ability to tune in to their body. 


Yoga for Siblings


Yoga for Siblings focuses on delivering physical and emotional nourishment to children with a sibling who has additional needs. By pairing the physical postures of yoga with relaxation techniques, siblings are given a unique opportunity to build resilience and create space for themselves.


Yoga for Carers


Yoga for Carers classes adopt a restorative approach, offering a gentle physical practice coupled with relaxation and stress management techniques. Classes follow a slower pace, combining restorative postures with deep breathing, to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This activation reduces the effects of the regular fight-flight response that can be detrimental to health and wellbeing. The perfect opportunity to switch off from the everyday demands of balancing family needs; carers are given opportunity and space to focus on self-care.


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